Lost Cat – Saranya

Contact Additional: Our cat Saranya is missing from Martinique Circle. We’re not sure when, how, or where. She’s not been seen for about a day, but we didn’t fully notice until this morning. We don’t know how she would’ve gotten out of the house and don’t remember seeing her run out, but we have searched almost every crevice in the house and this is not like her. She is a 3-4 year-old black and gray striped cat that started off as feral but is pretty friendly and playful. If everyone could be on the lookout we would be so grateful. Thanks!

Date Lost Found: 02/12/2022

Time Lost Found: 2:52 am

Contact Name: 11:00 AM

Contact Phone: 2:52 am

Name: Saranya

Sex: female

Type: cat

Status: lost