Four adult Golden Retrievers line up for the photographer.

Community Service

a woman holding a cat in her arms

Student Service-Learning Hours: The Worcester County Humane Society only accepts students on a very limited basis for service-learning hours. We only accept students who are self-motivated and recommended based on the below requirements.

Perimeters are as follows:

· Students must be at least 16 years of age, have a GPA of at least a B (3.0 out of 4.0), and obtain a letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor verifying the above.
· Hours will be scheduled by WCHS and spaced out.
· Cell phones are not permitted and must be put away while in the humane society.
· Parents or guardians may not contact us to make arrangements; students must make their own arrangements.

If a student performs unsatisfactorily, they will be excused from our service-learning program. 

Court Ordered Community Service: We only accept convictions/probation before judgment rulings for very limited, minor in nature crimes. Please contact us directly to find out your individual eligibility. Persons ordered to a sentence of community service must make their own arrangements. We will not speak with others. Subjects must provide any and all court paperwork, including charges, sentences, amount of community service hours to be completed, the due date of completion, and court/entity to notify upon completion of hours.

Volunteer Opportunities: Please fill out our online form and submit.  You may also go to the shelter in person to apply, Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am-4 pm.  A volunteer coordinator will be in contact with you.

Please know that we expect a time commitment from all volunteers, whether it be weekly or monthly.  This way we ensure our animals are tended to by scheduling staff & volunteers.  We appreciate our volunteers greatly!