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Lost Pet

Stray animals are held for a minimum of 10 days.  After 10 days, the animal belongs to WCHS, to adopt out, transfer to another no kill organization, etc.  Owners of lost pets may reclaim them during our hours of operation, 11-5, all days except Mondays & Holidays.  There is a $10.00 charge per day for care we provide, as well as payment for any vaccines we gave to prevent diseases at our facility.  A valid identification and vet records/photographic documentation as proof of ownership must be presented to us before the animal is released.

In the event of a lost pet you can:

  • File a lost pet report and ask where your animal will be taken if s/he is picked up by one of these agencies.
  • Inquire about any animals in their care that match your pet’s description.
  • Notify the vet clinic or microchip company and let them know your pet is missing.
  • Check that they have current contact information for you.
  • Talk to your neighbors and any neighborhood businesses.
  • Post notices throughout the neighborhood using a clear, up-to-date photo. Offering a reward can be helpful.
  • When your pet is found, remember to take down any notices you’ve posted around your neighborhood and online.

Lost Pets

Lost Dog - Margo

Margo went missing on 04/20/2021

Lost Dog - Margo

Margo went missing on 04/20/2021

Lost Cat - Tony

Tony went missing on 04/17/2021

Lost Dog - Spanky

Spanky went missing on 01/22/2021

Lost Cat - Suby

Suby went missing on 01/17/2021

Lost Cat - Binx

Binx went missing on 01/08/2021

Lost Cat - Cedella (goes by Kitty)

Cedella (goes by Kitty) went missing on 11/18/2020

Lost Dog - Molly

Molly went missing on 11/17/2020

Lost Cat - Ece (eh-juh) Yanay

Ece (eh-juh) Yanay went missing on 11/10/2020

Lost Cat - Dum-Dum

Dum-Dum went missing on 11/08/2020

Lost Cat - Meaner's

Meaner’s went missing on 10/20/2020

Lost Cat - Maui

Maui went missing on 10/11/2020

Lost Dog - gizmo

gizmo went missing on 09/29/2020

Lost Cat - Rambo

Rambo went missing on 09/14/2020

Lost Dog - Bully

Bully went missing on 08/16/2020

Lost Cat - Bobbie Chewie

Bobbie Chewie went missing on 06/06/2020

Lost Cat - Kj or kjack

Kj or kjack went missing on 03/30/2020

Lost Cat - Sparky

Sparky went missing on 04/20/2020

Lost Cat - Sparky

Sparky went missing on 04/20/2020

Lost Cat - Ninha

Ninha went missing on 04/17/2020

Lost Cat - Miss Rags

Miss Rags went missing on 4108311033

Lost Cat - Miss Rags/karem

Miss Rags/karem went missing on 9.01.18

Lost Dog - Buddy

Buddy went missing on 02/23/2020

Lost Dog - Niah

Niah went missing on 02/10/2020

Lost Dog - Cricket

Cricket went missing on 02/09/2020

Lost Dog - Bette

Bette went missing on 01/31/2020

Lost Dog - Haas

Haas went missing on 01/29/2020

Lost Dog - Bo

Bo went missing on 01/28/2020

Lost Cat - Tails

Tails went missing on 01/10/2020

Lost Cat - Sunny

Sunny went missing on 11/10/2019

Lost Dog - Berries

Berries went missing on 01/02/2020

Lost Cat - Mikey

Mikey went missing on 12/09/2019

Lost Cat - Spunky

Spunky went missing on 12/05/2019

Lost Cat - Gracie

Gracie went missing on 12/01/2019

Lost Dog - Rudy

Rudy went missing on 12/01/2019

Lost Dog - Lucy

Lucy went missing on 11/21/2019

Lost Dog - Lucy

Lucy went missing on 11/21/2019

Lost Dog - Ace

Ace went missing on 09/22/2019

Lost Cat - Ricky

Ricky went missing on 11/13/2019

Lost Cat - Pumpkin

Pumpkin went missing on 10/29/2019

Lost Dog - Loki

Loki went missing on 10/22/2019

Lost Dog - Gracie

Gracie went missing on 10/18/2019

Lost Tabby Cat

Lost Tabby

Male, neutered Tabby found in the Bishopville area.

Lost dog in Pocomoke

Lost Dog

Buoy was last seen in Pocomoke, is friendly and wearing a pink collar. Please contact Taylor or Kyle with any information: 443-783-7802 or 410-430-4741.

Lost Husky

Lost Husky

Husky mix named Honiahaka found near Harris Teeter.

Found Pets

Found Dog - unknown

unknown was found on 01/04/2021

Found Dog - Unknown - no tag

Unknown – no tag was found on 12/12/2020

Found Dog - unknown - no name tag on collar

unknown – no name tag on collar was found on 11/07/2020

Found Cat - Unknown

Unknown was found on 10/13/2020

Found Dog - Bette

Bette was found on 01/31/2020

Found Cat - Gracie

Gracie was found on 01/13/2020

Found Dog - Unknown

Unknown was found on 12/25/2019

Found Dog - EGGROLL

EGGROLL was found on 12/23/2019

Found Dog - unknown

unknown was found on 12/1/2019


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