Want to Donate? Here’s How

To make a general donation or to make a donation to a specific cause or campaign, please click the corresponding buttons below.

If you would like to donate in honor or as a memorial of a person or pet, click the “Honor or Memorial Donation” button below.


Monetary donations, food donations, and supply donations are always appreciated. You can drop donations off at the shelter during business hours (12330 Eagles Nest Rd., Berlin, MD), or mail your donation to us: P.O. Box 48 Berlin, MD 21811.

We are always in need of coupons to help with the costs of supplies – food, paper products, dish and laundry detergent, bleach, etc.  Coupons may be dropped off at the shelter, or mailed to our post office box, listed above.  Please view our needs list, under “Ways to Help”.

We also collect aluminum cans – soda or beer cans only.  Please drop cans off at the shelter.

In Memory Of

This list is lovingly dedicated to all of those dear ones from 2016 and prior (2 & 4 legged) who have made a difference in our lives.

We think of you and remember you with love.

  • William Hill, Jr.
  • Roy Martin
  • Donetta Horne
  • Helga Pennewell
  • Samantha Johnson
  • Jerry Williams
  • Joanne Quillin
  • Larry Downes
  • Donald Spence
  • John Rice
  • Patricia Ann Gulyas
  • Jamie Snyder in memory of beloved dog, Zoe
  • Arthur Thompson
  • Andy Maggie
  • Doris Tyson
  • Wayne Powell
  • James Arthur Burke
  • Gertrude E “Trudy” Evans
  • Shirley Bunting
  • Dale Rhode
  • Joe Thornton
  • William Seechuk
  • Ann Robinson
  • Daniel Piper
  • Will and Kim Baker in memory of beloved dog, Gander
  • John Hreshko Jr.
  • Richard Benchoff
  • Michael Pulianas
  • Charles Brosch
  • Perry Meissel
  • Daniel Carey
  • Joyce Jensen
  • Kathleen Clements
  • Joseph Zeleny
  • Betty Scott
  • D. Hansen in memory of Jed
  • P. Currence in memory of Grand-dog, Zoe
  • Tim Kennard
  • In memory of Blandy Boocock
  • Angelene Hobbs
  • Marie Hixon
  • Shiloh
  • Ann
  • Allie Cannon
  • Max Haberstroh II
  • Josephine Krehely
  • Pauline Molnar
  • Joan Cannon
  • Phillip Walsh
  • Rosemary Oxenberg
  • Gloria O’Flannery Tucker
  • Will LaRue
  • John Schilling
  • Herbert Jarman
  • Beverly Serrell
  • James Davis
  • Diane Sagona
  • Donnie Williams
  • Edna Powell
  • Steven Arlen Hoffman
  • James Leonard Davis
  • Michael David Dennis
  • Aaron Wess
  • Jeffrey Twombly
  • Hal Glick
  • Bertha Ann Ginnavan

In Honor Of

This page is lovingly dedicated to all of those we honor:

  • Theresa Broccolino
  • Trixie from Deb
  • Bill Morrison
  • Ava Shaffer’s Birthday
  • Rizzo


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